Research Partners

Katja Lindroos Professor of commercial law, Director of International Affairs School of Law, University of Eastern Finland

Prof. Katja Lindroos (docent, LLD/Law) professor of commercial law at UEF Law School. Her research expertise focuses on international trade law, intellectual property law and internet governance. Recently her research focuses on liability of internet intermediaries and enforcement of rights in global markets. Her research seeks alternative future governance models for emerging markets and hybrid governance models for better regulation of commercial risks





Dr Pinghui Xiao, Senior lecturer, School of Law, Guangzhou University

Dr. Pinghui Xiao is a senior lecturer at the Guangzhou University School of Law. He is currently a visiting scholar at Yale Law School. He obtained a PhD in law focusing on food regulation from the University of South Australia in 2013. Since 2014, he has been advising the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations Development Programme on Chinese food laws and agricultural policy, among other issues. In 2018, he was nominated as a fellow of the International Visitors Leadership Program administered by the U.S. Department of State. Prior to pursuing his academic career, he worked in the former China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and in this capacity was heavily involved in the drafting of policies and laws relating to food and drug e-commerce, among other things.

His research is mainly focused on food and drug laws (including alcohol and controlled substances) and internet governance (especially platform liability). He is currently in charge of two research projects granted by China’s National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education to examine China’s digitalization policy and its interaction with the food and drug sector.


Tarja Koskela, Post-doctoral researcher, senior lecturer, School of Law, University of Eastern Finland

Tarja Koskela holds a doctors degree in law from the University of Eastern Finland, Department of Law. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher and senior lecturer (Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law) at the University of Eastern Finland. In her doctoral thesis (2017), she studies the optimal protection of animals in the criminal procedure and the public administration. Her research has focused on animal crimes and related topics.




Prof. Marjukka Kolehmainen (docent, PhD/Nutrition Science) UEF/Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition/Faculty of Health Sciences: Prior to joining UEF she has worked for VTT- Technical Research Institute of Finland and the INSERM-institute in France. She has internationally acknowledged experience in clinical interventions on diets, foods and food components as well as research on food safety and security. Prof Kolehmainen leads the Food and Health research group that develops understanding on the impact of food and diets on health and wellbeing and individual needs to diets, and applicability of digital services to promote wellbeing


. Dr Phoebe Li (PHD Law) is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Sussex University in the UK. Her expertise lies in regulation of emerging technologies and intellectual property in the context of world trade. She has published widely in international journals and is the author of ‘Health technologies and international intellectual property: A precautionary approach’ (Routledge 2014; pb 2015).



Dr Tuija Mononen (D.Soc.Sc., Lic.Ph.) works as University Researcher in UEF-Department of Geographical and Historical Studies. She previously worked at the University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute (Eco Studies, especially organic production and organic food chains). Dr Mononen has been involved in agri-food studies in social sciences since 1994 and is familiar with food, rural and mining studies networks globally. Her doctoral dissertation Networks of organic production – study on transformation in the Finnish organic production networks (Finnish) was well received. Her academic interest covers food issues like greening of the food system, development, meanings and actor-networks of organic production and food policy. Her expertise also extends to societal questions of the mining industry, community experiences and impacts of mining, as well as rural research and actor networks. She has experience of leading and working in many research projects funded by the Academy of Finland and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In addition to refereed articles and edited books she has given more than 50 presentations about food issues and community impacts of mining in national and international conferences and seminars, and organized more than 30 research meetings, seminars and conferences. She also has written numerous popular texts and given interviews in national and local media (journals, TV)


Ms. Laura Tammenlehto (MS.c –law) works as University Teacher at UEF Law School. Her doctoral thesis relates to criminal sanctions for infringement of intellectual property rights. Her expertise complements the project on sanctions mechanisms for trademark counterfeiting and food fraud.




Hang Nguyen, Post-doctoral researcher, School of Law, University of Eastern Finland

Dr Ho Bich Hang Nguyen (PhD Law, LL.M Law) is a postdoctoral researcher at UEF Law School and Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Ho Chi Minh University in Vietnam. Dr Nguyen’s doctoral thesis on Parallel importation analyzed trademark laws (US, EU and Japan) and their legal implications for developing countries. Dr Nguyen has published extensively on intellectual property and commercial law issues in Vietnam and abroad. She has extensive practical and academic experience on cross-border enforcement of intellectual property rights and advising foreign companies in Vietnam.  Dr Nguyen’s post-doctoral research focuses on legal measures for access to safe food and sustainable economic development.